What is SoleGood

SoleGood is a trade-show/convention that brings the community together once a year to collectively share the passion for streetwear and sneakers through buy, sell, trade and showcase. SoleGood also provides an opportunity for creative entrepreneurs to gain brand exposure while expanding their customer base.

FOUNDER & creative director

Ke Wang

leading organizer

Robin Nanad, Keaton Chalifoux

Visual & DESIGN



Kurt Bugasto, Rex Wu

Who We Are

It all started with a group of friends who were extremely passionate about the sneaker culture. Inspired by the rich sneaker cultural presence, our vision was to bring together a collective who share the same passion as us. Together, we made this possible through SoleGood, the first sneaker convention in Edmonton. Sneaker enthusiasts gather to showcase each others' valuable collections, and sell or trade sneakers.

At the moment, SoleGood is now expanding, looking to further enter the streetwear scene. In doing so, SoleGood presents an opportunity to upcoming local brands and designers to display what they have created to the community. As by our motto, we are created for the community, to serve for the community. Through this, SoleGood: The Sneaker and Streetwear Festival was born. 

How We Began