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  • Charles Sevilla
  • Joseph Alfartosy
  • Eugene Oficiar
  • Joel Mersha
  • Lee Smith
  • David Waddell
  • Pia Francisco
  • Frank Park
  • Mark Cuevas
  • Abba Abdirahman
  • Logan Harder
  • qian wu
  • Max Nelson
  • zhihong liu
  • Kosal Ros
  • Noah Sulit
  • Michael Deguzman
  • Khayre Farah
  • Robin Nanad
  • CAM 2K
  • Michael Cadorna
  • Nolan Gray
  • Raymond Lamore
  • Abdi Farah
  • Maya Escobar
  • Jose Paulo Santos
  • Brett Lower
  • Josh Mangahas

Rules & regulations:

  • Sponsored by Kicksessories.
  • Prize: One pair of NIKE ID Sneaker’s at the winner’s choice OR $200 CAD cash option.
  • To sign up, please submit your information on the left.
  • $10 Buy-in fee to enter the tournament.
  • You have to be a SoleGood ticket holder to enter the tournament
  • For payments, we accept E-mail Transfer, PayPal, or Cash at the door.
  • Game schedule will be announced at 1:30PM, the tournament will begin shortly after
  • All contestants must be in the venue when we announce the match-ups.

  • Contestants will be playing NBA 2K18 on PS4.
  • Games will be played under 3 minute quarters.
  • Camera View: 2K
  • Game Difficulty: Hall of fame
  • Final game will be played under 4 minute quarters.
  • Teams are chosen by 3 random selections (Must select your third random team)
  • Games are elimination style so if you lose, you’re out of the competition.

SoleGood 3 NBA 2K16 Winner: VJ Ton